Lisa Xie







The power of visuals is incredible. It moves and changes the environment around us. Lines. Shapes. Colors. I study those elements, know their in’s and out’s, understand the interactions among them, and combine them to create exciting visual experiences. That is what I love to do.


I study Architecture at Calpoly University in San Luis Obispo, but my passion is in all types of visual mediums. I also love history—I love old things and old places. There is so much genius from the past that I am inspired by. Lastly, I like boats.



+ What I Do

Websites, Logos and other Graphics, Prints, Film, Photography


+ Experience (Self-Taught)

+ Awards

Orange County Film Festival

Harvard Westlake Film Festival

Pacifica Screen Film Festival

National History Day (2010, 2012)

CustomInk T-shirt Design Contest